Man charged with using stun gun on wife to settle Bears-Packers bet

A man and woman wagered a Taser bet on the Packers and Bears Monday.
A man and woman wagered a Taser bet on the Packers and Bears Monday. (USATSI)

Are John and Nicole Grant from Florida? Because that's really the only way to explain why they would make tasering one another part of a football bet. Which is what they did, you see.

We learned about this "friendly wager" after John was taken to Dodge County Circuit Court on Tuesday and charged with using the stun gun on his wife. Nicole -- a Packers fan -- let John -- a Bears fan -- use the Taser on her after watching her team lose.

John claims that Nicole consented to letting him use the stun gun on her if the Packers lost. Nicole, who alleges he stunned her twice in the butt and once on the thighs, obviously felt differently and called the cops after it happened. John was charged with "possession of an electric weapon."

He showed police Nicole's cell phone which featured not only a text message where Nicole told her sons about the Taser bet, but also a video in which Nicole is apparently laughing while being stunned.

Presumably what happened is the woman agreed to this bet because the Packers were going to dominate Josh McCown and the Bears. Then Aaron Rodgers got hurt and things got awkward quickly.

No one is in any serious physical harm at this point, so it's OK to point out that this story has the full Local Area Man checklist covered. To recap quickly:

  • A stun gun is involved
  • There's a bet over a football game
  • This took place at "Dan's King Pin bowling center"
  • The couple is living in a truck because they are (literally) a couple of truckers
  • The man allegedly wouldn't let his woman and his dog in the truck after his team lost a football game
  • They were smoking cigs in an alley when this happened
  • His blood alcohol content: .137
  • Her blood alcohol content: .155
  • A stun gun is involved

That just about covers everything unless I'm missing something about a handlebar mustache. 

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