PHOTO: Denver bar has insult for Patriots QB Tom Brady

A bar in Denver features Tom Brady on its sign. (Twitter/CBSNewsPath)
A bar in Denver features Tom Brady on its sign. (Twitter/CBSNewsPath)

Let the trash-talking begin. 

A bar in Denver changed its marquee this week and as you can see above, the sign is either insulting Tom Brady or the owner of the bar knows something that we don't.

The irony here is that the bar owner, Sean Workman, told that he's actually a New England fan. However, since he owns a bar in Denver, making fun of the Patriots probably made more sense.

"I'm just tying to generate some fun for next weekend. We try and come up with some fun sign ideas and get people riled up here in town and give them something to laugh at as they drive by," Workman said.

Although the sign is making fun of Brady, it might also be having the opposite effect with Broncos fans who look at it and think, "Wait, we lost in November to a quarterback who wears women's underwear?"

Anyway, here's a closer look at the sign from Twitter user RenKnowItAll.


Tom Brady has his own sign in Denver. (Twitter)
Tom Brady has his own sign in Denver. (Twitter)
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