The Seahawks are holding a combine event for local media members

Will Pete Carroll be scouting the media combine? (USATSI)
Will Pete Carroll be scouting the media combine? (USATSI)

Every year in late February, the best college football players in the nation head to Indianapolis to take all kinds of tests. They run, they jump, they leap, they get their height and weight and body fat and hand length (and more) measured, they run and jump some more, and they do a metric ton of interviews. It's called the NFL combine, and it's the biggest pre-draft test of the offseason.

The Seattle Seahawks are taking this idea and running with it, only instead of inviting players for more tests, they're doing it with the local media:

This. Is. An. Amazing. Idea.

One can only hope that all of the Seahawks' players will stand around watching this event, tweeting out everyone's height and weight as they step off the scale, then tweeting out all the different 40-yard dash times they clocked on each media member's first, second and third run. After that, Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett can conduct all the interviews with the combine participants. This is a can't-miss idea, and I hope every team does it for their local media contingent.

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