Vikings QB Josh Freeman to start against Packers this Sunday

Josh Freeman's debut with the Vikings couldn't have gone much worse. He completed 20 of 53 passes for 190 yards with an interception, but when Minnesota faces Green Bay Sunday night, the quarterback will make his second straight start, coach Leslie Frazier said Tuesday.

“It's frustrating,” Freeman said his play in the Monday night loss to the Giants. “It's disappointing. But at the same time I see areas that are manageable in terms of us definitely getting better. We're going to develop that chemistry. A lot of these plays that are just a hair off, they'll start hitting for us.”

Even if you conceded that Freeman was rushed into duty only two weeks after the team signed him, there really is no downside to the Vikings seeing what they have. They are clearly ready to move on from Christian Ponder, their 2011 first-round pick, and at this stage of his career, Matt Cassel is nothing more than a solid backup. Which means that Minnesota can use the next 10 games to see if Freeman is a viable long-term option or if the team will need to target a quarterback in April's draft with what will almost certainly be a top-10 pick.

As for the future, we'll repeat here what we wrote in Week 7's Coach Killers: The Vikings should think about a trade-deadline fire sale. They're 1-5 and in desperate need of draft picks -- with or without Freeman -- for the impending rebuilding process.

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