Last weekend, the MLB and Miami communities were blindsided by the tragic death of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez. The former NL Rookie of the Year and two-time all-star selection was just 24 when he, along with two others, was killed in a boating accident on Sunday, Sept. 25.

The lasting impact Fernandez had on both baseball and his community cannot be overstated, even though he was entering just his fourth season with the Marlins. He was universally respected and well-liked, with many noting his big personality. His story as a Cuban defector is an incredible one that's resurfaced in the wake of his passing.

Miami's football team will honor Fernandez's life with a helmet decal for Saturday's game at Georgia Tech. The sticker reads simply "JF 16" for Fernandez's name and uniform number.

That Miami is honoring Fernandez shows just how much of an impact he had on the entire city, not just in baseball. The services accompanying his funeral this week were a tribute to that.