No. 1 Alabama escaped with a win over Texas on the road Saturday, but it was much closer than many anticipated. In the immediate aftermath of the game, some Alabama players were throwing up the "horns down" gesture, and coach Nick Saban was having none of it.

With just 10 seconds left on the clock, Alabama kicker Will Reichard hit a 33-yard field goal to put the Crimson Tide ahead 20-19. The Longhorns offense only had time for one desperation play, and Hudson Card's pass fell incomplete to seal the Alabama win. 

When that happened, several Crimson Tide players flashed the "horns down" gesture while gloating, but Saban put a stop to it. As he was jogging to meet Texas coach Steve Sarkisian at midfield, Saban shut down the celebration with some choice words for his players.

Saban only found out that the "horns down" gesture was a penalty when a reporter informed him just days before the game. At the time, the Alabama coach said that was something he would discuss with the team.

"I have not addressed it (the horns down penalty) with the team," Saban said, via 247Sports. "But I appreciate you letting me know that. We have a lot of other things to worry about, but I think that's a good thing for me to go over with the team."

The game was over by the time Alabama players took part in the "horns down" celebration, but that clearly didn't make any difference to Saban.