Right after the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years, president Barack Obama invited them to visit the White House before his term ended and the new president -- who we now know will be Donald Trump -- was inaugurated in mid-January.

It looks like the Cubs might take up Obama on his offer, according to Patrick Mooney:

"I know after he tweeted that out -- and that was well before the election -- there was a lot of interest from our players in taking him up on that invitation," Epstein said Wednesday. "There was some momentum for it. So we'll see. Nothing has been finalized. But we'll see where it goes. It would be nice given his Chicago ties."

Obviously there are some logistics to work through, and who knows if both sides can get their ducks in a row over the next two months, but there you have it.

Don't be surprised if the current president gets to host the new champs before he moves out.