The minor leagues are full of teams with excellent, sometimes unique, nicknames. One of those great names belongs to the Double-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays: the Montgomery Biscuits. Their logo features a biscuit with eyeballs and butter in the middle presented as if the biscuit is eating the butter.

And now they have an incredible hat, thanks to holding a contest and Jesse Alkire's design:

I like to picture it having the piping like those old "We Are Family" Pirates hats (available at the CBS Sports Shop, by the way!):

CBS Sports Shop

The biscuit in that form would just be perfect.

Of note: This isn't the first time the Biscuits' hat game has been on point. It always is. Just over 10 months ago on National Hat Day, my colleague Dayn Perry praised the Biscuits for having "world championship lids."

Take a bow, again, Montgomery Biscuits. You own the hat game.