The NFL's Competition Committee has been meeting recently with the intention of recommending rule changes the league should adopt at the annual meeting next week. The committee has already released a recommendation for the new catch rule, while it's been reported that the committee will also come out against the idea of limiting all pass interference penalties to 15 yards

Another change the committee will be recommending, according to NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent, is the adoption of college-style ejection rules for players that commit "non-football acts" on the field of play. Here's a video of a play that would potentially qualify as such an act under the new rule: 

Adjudicating this rule from GameDay Central rather than on the field is an interesting recommendation, seeing as it takes the decision out of the hands of the referees that are actually calling the game. It is often easier to spot such a non-football play on TV than it is live, but coaches and fans may not take too kindly to people in an offsite location deciding whether to eject players from the game.