The Miami Marlins will look different when they host the Chicago Cubs on March 29 to begin a new season: on the field, in the owners' suite, and perhaps even in the stands.

That's because Marlins Man (informally known as Laurence Leavy) may not be anywhere to be found. As of last week, Mr. Man had not renewed his season tickets, per WINZ's Andy Slater:

For those who forgot (the details or to care), Mr. Man has beef with Derek Jeter stemming from the latter's refusal to honor a list of demands that includes a ceremonial first pitch and Marlins Man-themed promotion for all Monday home games -- reasonable, everyday stuff like that. Additionally, Jeter refuses to ride in the Marlinsmobile, as highlighted in this exchange:

With Opening Day just over two weeks away, we'll see if Mr. Man continues to abstain, or whether Jeter reaches out with a personalized and well-branded peace offering. If not, this feud will assuredly get stupider and less notable the longer it lasts.