Justin Reid Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs safety Justin Reid's most memorable play on Saturday was not exactly something in his job description, but it's something he's been working on for a while. During a preseason game against the Chicago Bears, Reid converted an extra point after his team's second touchdown of the day.

Reid made a 65-yard field goal during a training camp practice this week, so he was clearly feeling confident about his kicking abilities heading into Saturday. He practiced shorter kicks during pregame and was hoping for an opportunity to show off his skills during the actual game.

"They let me know we had some pregame kicks before the game started," Reid said during a sideline interview with Chiefs reporter Matt McMullen."They said if you look good there, then throughout the game at some point they're gonna let me have a shot at it. So the opportunity came and I made the most of it."

Reid got his opportunity with 20 seconds remaining in the second quarter. The Bears were still scoreless, and his kick helped put the Chiefs up by 14. 

"That backup kicker position is locked down," Reid, a former third-round pick out of Stanford, joked during the broadcast.

Kicker Harrison Butker gave him a hug, and Reid celebrated by jumping up and down while getting multiple high fives from his teammates.

It was a solid kick that went down the middle, and it wasn't particularly surprising coming from Reid. Last year, when he played for the Houston Texans, the 6-foot-1 safety made the opening kickoff in a preseason game when kicker Ka'imi Fairbairn had a minor injury during warmups. Reid succeeded, sending the ball all the way to the end zone

The Chiefs ended up losing 19-14 to the Bears, but at least now they know Reid is a dual-threat player that could be valuable in the kicking game in case of an emergency.

Up next, the Chiefs are hosting the Washington Commanders in Week 2 of preseason action next Saturday.