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Just in time for the new year, "NBA Jam 2K17" is here

Warriors owner confident Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant will re-sign in free agency

Durant is also confident that he will re-sign

WATCH: Hakeem Olajuwon can 'see himself' in Sixers rookie star Joel Embiid

The Dream has high praise for The Process

President Obama once mocked Joakim Noah's jumper in White House hoops game

Noah once played tough defense on the President

WATCH: Steph Curry high-fives himself after Kevin Durant leaves him hanging

Kevin Durant snubbed his MVP teammate in order to go speak to Russell Westbrook

Thunder-Warriors highlights: Here are some exchanges between Westbrook, Durant

Russell Westbrook claims he's still not in speaking terms with Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant opens up on his playing days with Russell Westbrook, James Harden

The Thunder had three high-end stars yet never won a championship

Tyronn Lue is still unhappy with Draymond Green's flagrant foul on LeBron James

Lue says Green's foul on LeBron was an attempt to send a message to the Cavs

NBA Trade Rumors: Hawks considered sending Dwight Howard to the Pelicans

New Orleans wants a better center to pair with Anthony Davis

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are reportedly still not on speaking terms

K.D. on facing the Thunder: "It's never going to be a regular game for me"

'White Men Can't Jump' is set for a remake and Blake Griffin is reportedly involved

Kenya Barris of the hit show "Black-ish" is in charge of the reboot of the iconic film

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