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There's not usually much drama on the field during the fourth quarter of a blowout game in the NFL, but there was definitely some drama during the final quarter of the Cowboys' blowout win over the Rams. That's because the two teams were going for a scorigami, which is when a game ends with a final score that's never happened before in NFL history. 

With six minutes left to play, the Cowboys were leading the Rams 43-17, which wouldn't be a scorigami. However, before the game ended, the Rams got a 47-yard field goal from Lucas Havrisik to make the score 43-20, which ended up being the final score. That's notable, because it marked the first time in NFL history that a game had ever ended with that exact final score. 

As you can see above, it's the 1,079th unique final score in NFL history. 

The Rams got the ball one more time in the game, but they didn't come close to scoring. 

One of the reasons that this game ended with such a bizarre score is because there was a safety. The play happened in the first quarter when Dallas' Sam Evans blocked a punt by Ethan Evans

Overall, the Cowboys scored five touchdowns, two field goals and the safety. 

We probably shouldn't have been too surprised that the Cowboys were involved in a scorigami, and that's because they seem to average at least one per year. The Cowboys have now been involved in three scorigamis since the start of the 2021 season. Before Sunday, their last one came on Dec. 4, 2022, when they beat the Colts 54-19. 

As for the Rams, this marks their first scorigami since October 2021 when they beat the Giants 38-11. 

The 2023 season has given us four scorigamis through eight weeks, which is a pretty solid pace when you consider that there were only four scorigamis during the entire 2022 season.