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Sean Payton ducks questions about Drew Brees' possible future with the Saints

The Saints coach wasn't in the mood to answer questions about Drew Brees on Tuesday

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This is footage that you'll definitely want to see

AJ McCarron describes total chaos of the trade that almost sent him to the Browns

The Bengals quarterback gives his side of one of the craziest stories of the NFL season

Bengals fans donating money to Bortles' charity for ending the Steelers' season

Fans were so happy to see the Steelers eliminated from the postseason that they're now donating money

Tom Brady responds to Jalen Ramsey's prediction that Jaguars will win Super Bowl

Tom Brady did not guarantee that the Patriots will win the Super Bowl

2018 NFL playoff odds, picks: Jaguars pull off AFC title stunner on Patriots

Wondering which teams will be advancing to Super Bowl LII? You've come to the right place to find out

Seahawks reportedly poach 49ers coaching staff to hire new defensive coordinator

Ken Norton Jr. didn't even last a week in San Francisco

LOOK: Someone made a huge preseason bet on the Jaguars to win Super Bowl LII

One bettor in Vegas is going to make some serious money if the Jaguars win it all

2018 NFL playoff bracket: Patriots and party crashers in AFC, NFC title games

The Jaguars, Vikings and Eagles have combined to win exactly zero Super Bowls ever

Steelers botched several calls in closing minutes of wild playoff loss to Jaguars

The Steelers wilted under the pressure of the postseason

LISTEN: Here's the Saints' agonizing radio call of the Vikings' miracle touchdown

You could almost hear the heartbreak in the announcer's voice

2018 NFL Playoffs: Ranking the best potential matchups for Super Bowl LII

What would be the most watchable Super Bowl this year? We ranked them from one to 16.

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Everyone on Twitter was just as shocked as you were by the ending of the Saints-Vikings game

NFL Playoffs 2018: Schedule, date, times, TV for AFC, NFC Championship Games

Here's a look at the NFL's entire postseason schedule for 2018

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