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Washington's Ron Rivera reveals the one advantage he thinks his team will get from playing no preseason games

Rivera also discussed a potential quarterback controversy brewing in Washington

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are apparently trying to schedule a distance-throwing contest

It looks like we might soon find out who has the strongest arm between the Chiefs' and Bills' quarterbacks

Matthew Stafford's false positive caused a 'nightmare' for his family, could turn into a nightmare for the NFL

False positive tests for COVID-19 could wreak havoc on the NFL season

NFL should scrap the schedule it originally planned for 2020 and do this instead

Here's what the NFL should do to make sure the 2020 season happens

Odell Beckham says the 2020 NFL season should be canceled: 'I just feel like it shouldn't happen'

This probably isn't what the NFL wants to hear just before the start of training camp

Cam Newton appears to have already mastered one key part of 'The Patriot Way'

It looks like Cam Newton is going to fit in just fine in New England

Patrick Mahomes was baffled by one part of his $503 million deal: 'I didn't even know NFL contracts did that'

The Chiefs quarterback admits he had no idea that one part of his $503 million contract was even possible

Tom Brady shows up at Buccaneers training facility for first time, but here's why he won't be staying long

The Buccaneers new quarterback showed up for training camp Thursday, but he had to turn around and leave after that

2020 NFL schedule: Here's the one game for all 32 teams that could make or break their seasons

Let's take a look at the one game that could go a long way to deciding the season for each NFL team

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