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When the NFL's 32 owners voted to expand the regular season on Tuesday, it was assumed that the 17-game schedule was unanimously voted through, but apparently, that wasn't the case. 

According to, there was one team that voted against the new schedule and that team was the Chicago Bears. Apparently, even the Bears don't want to watch more Bears football. The team was asked about the situation, but declined to comment.

Although it's not clear why the Bears voted against it, there are really only two explanations that make sense. The first one is that most players hate the idea of a 17-game schedule and many of them made that clear this week, which means it's possible that Bears chairman George H. McCaskey listened to the locker room and decided to vote in the interest of player safety. 

Bears star Allen Robinson was one of several players around the league who had spoken out against an expanded schedule in the past. 

"As everybody knows, the 16-game season is already grueling enough on the body," Robinson said in February 2020. "It becomes a long year. From that perspective, adding games would be tough."

McCaskey was actually asked about the possibility of the NFL expanding to 17 games back in 2019 and although most owners were already on board with the plan at the time, the Bears chairman didn't sound so sure about the idea. 

"We'd have to see what the proposal amounts to, what it would detail," McCaskey said at the time, via the Chicago Tribune. "I'll be interested to see what the particulars are." 

It's also possible that McCaskey didn't want to see an extra game added with a pandemic going on, but that seems more unlikely since not only is there now a vaccine in place, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is hoping to have full stadiums this year

One reason the other owners all voted for the expanded schedule is because it means more money and it's not a coincidence that the money will start pouring in just one year after the NFL lost an estimated $4 billion in revenue due to the pandemic. Adding one more week of football was a big reason why the NFL was able to cash in during the most recent round of media negotiations. 

Thanks to the expanded schedule, the Bears will be traveling to Las Vegas to play the Raiders in 2021, which might make McCaskey the first person ever to vote against a trip to Vegas.