Three years after reviving the Apollo Creed story and one month after reviving the Ivan Drago story from his decades-old "Rocky" movies, Sylvester Stallone may have found yet another 1980s opponent to bring back to the big screen.

In the wake of the Thanksgiving release of "Creed II," the Michael B. Jordan-starring sequel in the Rocky Balboa spin-off series, Stallone told TMZ Sports this week that he's open to a "Creed III" script featuring the son of "Rocky III" star "Clubber" Lang (Mr. T). And it turns out he might also have someone for the role.

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, who is fresh off a split draw with Tyson Fury at Staples Center, campaigned for playing a younger Lang earlier in the week, telling TMZ that his "passion is acting."

"After boxing, or in the (midst) of my career, that's what I want to convert to, is acting," he said. "I want to act like I'm getting hit and not actually get hit. But I love acting. I got a true passion for it ... and I used to be real into it. My personality ... I think I could convert over and be a great actor."

Asked in Beverly Hills whether he'd consider casting Wilder as Lang's son, Stallone joked that the 6-foot-7 boxer is "not tall enough" but then suggested he has as good a shot as anyone to star in another "Creed" sequel.

"Absolutely," he said of the possibility. "Absolutely. I think he has a lot of hidden talents. I certainly wouldn't advocate against it. The answer is yes. Come one, come all."

Stallone, who first played Rocky in 1976 and has appeared in eight films, including the "Creed" flicks, since then, hinted after the release of "Creed II" that he's retired from the franchise. But there's little doubt "Creed III" will happen. Another sequel has yet to be announced, but both movies in the new series have earned high praise from critics and exceeded box-office returns.