Cecilia Braekhus and Mikaela Lauren will face off in a welterweight title fight this weekend with Braekhus looking to defend her belt and undefeated professional record (31-0). 

Lauren, who has already lost once to Braekhus before, knows she has a tough road ahead of her, and it appears she's doing everything she can to play mind games with her opponent. The two met for a press event on Monday, and it appeared to be your run-of-the-mill promotional outing ... at least until the two came face-to-face for a staredown photo op. 

That's when Lauren decided to spice things up by going in for a kiss.

Braekhus was understandably caught off-guard and attempted to defensively swat Lauren's face away, but she didn't seem too bothered by the surprise kiss. In fact, the undefeated Braekhus found the smooch very humorous as she had trouble controlling her laughter. She even thanked Lauren for the display of affection, saying, "Well, thank you ... I haven't got that in a while."

Pre-fight festivities for big boxing and MMA events are usually tense and feature fighters trying their best to intimidate their opponent with menacing faces and gestures. With that in mind, it's somewhat refreshing to see two fighters be able to share a funny moment and be able to laugh about it. Who says you can't be a lover and a fighter?