Mexican international and Tigres winger Jurgen Damm had quite the interesting Wednesday. His wild day became an internet sensation when he was videotaped being escorted out of a fried chicken restaurant in handcuffs after being found hiding in the bathroom. At El Pollo Loco, the talented player was in a blue hoodie and escorted out by police. But why?

It all came after a traffic stop for a minor violation, with Damm choosing not to stop. It turns out he wasn't certain that it was indeed police trying to pull him over. 

"I was confused when they asked me to stop my truck, and because I couldn't identify who it was, I decided to hide somewhere close. Fortunately, minutes later everything was cleared up and the authorities only wanted to check my car permit," he wrote in an official statement from his club.

Now, that's wild. He wanted to be cautious, and since he wasn't sure they were cops, he kept going and hid. Considering some of the dangers in this world and how soccer stars can be targeted and robbed, especially in Latin America, he wanted to make sure it was indeed the police. It's a unique situation and thankfully it wasn't worse.

But hiding in a chicken restaurant's bathroom? That's a new one. 

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