Gennadiy Golovkin vs. Kamil Szeremeta fight results, highlights: 'GGG' shines in return with TKO victory

Sometimes, the absurdity of boxing's worst business practices result in simple cruelty in the ring. That was the case with Gennadiy Golovkin being forced to face mandatory IBF middleweight title contender Kamil Szeremeta on Friday night. After seven lopsided rounds that saw Szeremeta knocked down four times, the referee was finally forced to call off the fight, giving Golovkin the TKO victory and keeping the IBF title firmly in his grasp.

Any mystery over if Szeremeta could hang with Golovkin and make the fight competitive was gone in the opening round. Golovkin quickly established his powerful jab, smothering Szeremeta's attempt to throw the same punch and led to no meaningful result of his own. Golovkin followed his jab with a thudding right hand that opened up his power punches, and a winging left hand put Szeremeta down in the opening frame.

Szeremeta would go down again in Round 2, this time from a clubbing Golovkin right hand. Szeremeta again managed to beat the count, but without the power to turn the tide -- Szeremeta only had scored five knockouts in 21 pro fights against lower-tier opposition -- Golovkin was given no reason to take his foot off the gas.

Golovkin would score two more knockdowns, in the fourth and seventh rounds, before the referee had seen enough and waived the fight off as the fighters sat on their stools between rounds. It was a merciful end for Szeremeta, whose toughness was not on par with his skills in this outing.

"Respect to Kamil's trainer and corner," Golovkin said of the stoppage. "They're very smart because he was done. Come on, guys." 

All told, Golovkin outlanded Szeremeta 228 to 59 in total punches landed, including a 94-10 advantage in his jabs. Adding to the bad news for Szeremeta in the punch stats, Golovkin landed 56% of his power punches through the fight.

The obvious play for Golovkin would be a third fight with Canelo Alvarez after their first fight ended in a draw and the second in a narrow majority decision for Alvarez.

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Alvarez fights Saturday night, taking on Callum Smith for a pair of super middleweight titles. Golovkin was coy after the fight when asked about the potential trilogy, suggesting he was open to it, but not fully committed.

"Absolutely, I'm open for anybody," Golovkin said. "Best opponent for me, for business, for DAZN, for people? We'll wait for tomorrow. I hope tomorrow is a great event. Who wins? I'm open."

CBS Sports was with you throughout the entire way on Friday. Be sure to follow along with the live results and highlights below. 

Fight card, results

  • Gennadiy Golovkin def. Kamil Szeremeta seventh-round TKO
  • Hyun Mi Choi (c) def. Calista Silgado via unanimous decision (97-93, 99-91, 98-92)
  • John Ryder def. Michael Guy via unanimous decision (100-90, 99-91, 96-94)
  • Carlos Gongora def. Ali Akhmedov via 12th-round TKO
  • Reshat Mati def. Dennis Okoth via sixth-round TKO

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@DAZNBoxing via Twitter
December 19, 2020, 2:20 AM

The referee waives off the fight between rounds. This one is all over. Official result: Gennadiy Golovkin def. Kamil Szeremeta via TKO, Round 7

Another round down. Unofficial scorecard: 10-8 Golovkin (70-59 Golovkin)

Szeremeta is still throwing shots, but it's still Golovkin who is landing every meaningful punch.

Szeremeta is throwing punches to make it clear he's still trying to win, but there's no path to victory left for him.

Szeremeta goes down again, this time from a Golovkin jab! Again, he beats the count.

Gennadiy Golovkin vs. Kamil Szeremeta -- Round 7: Golovkin opens with a big flurry of punches, including a thudding right hand to the side of Szeremeta's head. 

Golovkin unloads with more shots down the stretch and this one makes it through another round. Unofficial scorecard: 10-9 Golovkin (60-51 Golovkin)

Golovkin lands another big uppercut and a left hook, both punches snapping back Szeremeta's head. Szeremeta throws a right hand that lands clean and a few jabs, but there's just no power on the punches.

Gennadiy Golovkin vs. Kamil Szeremeta -- Round 6: Golovkin comes out jabbing again before using a body shot to open up an uppercut. 

Szeremeta survives Round 5 as Golovkin's output dropped a bit. Unofficial scorecard: 10-9 Golovkin (50-42 Golovkin)

Another right lands for Golovkin and a left hook behind it. Szeremeta eats another right hand and he tries to answer, but there's nothing but a jab there. Another uppercut cracks from Golovkin.

Two quick lead uppercuts land for Golovkin and a right from Szeremeta, but he just has no power to force Golovkin to respect him.

Gennadiy Golovkin vs. Kamil Szeremeta -- Round 5: Golovkin is bombing early and Szeremeta is standing and taking it. 

@MatchroomBoxing via Twitter
December 19, 2020, 1:58 AM
@DAZNBoxing via Twitter
December 19, 2020, 1:58 AM

Szeremeta survives another round. He's been down in three of the four rounds so far. Unofficial scorecard: 10-8 Golovkin (40-33 Golovkin)

Another right from Golovkin lands and a few more jabs. Szeremeta, to his credit, is still trying to fire back. 

Golovkin lands two right hands and a left and Szeremeta goes down again! But he beats the count.

Golovkin has landed more than half of his power punches so far. And he lands another heavy right hand and a couple jabs and Szeremeta is clinching a bit more this round.

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