Jake Paul vs. AnEsonGib fight results, highlights: Paul dismantles opponent for first-round TKO

Paul 'avenged' his brother, Logan, in beating the man from England

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The fight between Jake Paul and AnEsonGib wasn't pretty and certainly didn't represent high-level boxing in any way. But it was mercifully short and to the point with Paul scoring a quick first round TKO after scoring three knockdowns against his fellow YouTube star.

Gib came out fighting in his trademark awkward stance, legs far apart and ducking low repeatedly despite being the far shorter man in the cruiserweight co-main event in Miami. The stance and style was something he would pay for repeatedly as it led to a complete lack of steady foundation. After Gib landed a single left hand early, drawing a little blood from the nose of Paul, he was clipped with a right hand that caused his glove to touch the canvas for a knockdown. Moments later, Gib was caught with a jab and was held up by the ropes, forcing the ref to rule a second knockdown.

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Both knockdowns were products equally caused by Paul's punches and Gib's stance giving him absolutely no foundation to resist being forced to the ground. A third knockdown came quickly and the ref waived the fight off, giving Paul the victory in his pro debut while Gib fell to 0-1.

After the fight, KSI, who had defeated Jake's brother Logan Paul in a clash of YouTubers last year, entered the ring and the two men began shouting at each other before having to be physically separated. A fitting end to the circus once again coming to the boxing ring.

CBS Sports was with you throughout the night of action. Relive everything that went down in Miami with our live blog below.

Fight card

Demetrius Andrade (c) def. Luke Keeler via ninth-round TKO (ref stoppage) -- WBO middleweight title
Jake Paul def. AnEsonGib via first-round TKO (ref stoppage)
Joseph Diaz Jr. (c) def. Tevin Farmer via unanimous decision ( 116-112, 115-113, 115-113)-- IBF junior lightweight title
Murodjon Akhmadaliev (c) def. Daniel Roman via split decision (113-115, 115-113, 115-113)-- WBA & IBF junior featherweight titles

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@DAZN_USA via Twitter
January 31, 2020, 6:24 AM

"I wanted to go up to 168 and fight Billy Joe Saunders my next fight. And that's what I'm going to do."

"We brought him into deep waters and drowned him." - Andrade

The official time of the stoppage is 2:59 of Round 9

The stoppage was a very good call by the ref. Keeler had taken a lot of punishment down the stretch of Round 9 and with the scores almost certainly beyond Keeler's reach, there was no need for him to take further punches.

Big shots from Andrade and Keeler is reeling around the ring. He stumbles back and collides with the referee before he can hit the ropes and the referee waives the fight off. Demetrius Andrade wins by TKO in Round 9

Andrade landing big shots along the ropes as the referee looks on but Keeler fights back and grabs on to prevent the stoppage.

Big left from Andrade buckles Keeler's legs briefly and Andrade tries to follow to the corner and close the show.

Keeler's corner imploring him to take chances and being very honest that they've already lost the fight on the scorecards.

Andrade digs to the body and Round 8 comes to a close in an increasingly academic fight. Unofficial scorecard -- Round 8: 10-9 Andrade (Fight: 80-70 Andrade)

Andrade goes to the body and then follows back to the head, landing three of four punches.

Round 8 is underway and Andrade is starting to throw right hook counters more frequently when Keeler steps in.

Keeler is giving it everything he has still but Andrade just has much more in every area. The fight is in a pretty steady pattern now of Andrade landing a few punches, Keeler missing with a flurry and then the whole thing repeating. Unofficial scorecard -- Round 7: 10-9 Andrade (Fight: 70-61 Andrade)

Keeler is almost certainly not going to win this fight at this point. He doesn't have big power to change the course of things with a single shot, even as he lands a little flurry of shots to Andrade. The real lingering question in Round 7 is if Andrade can manage to get Keeler out or if this just gets dragged to the scorecards.

Andrade is taunting and showboating but isn't landing as many clean shots as he did early on, even if he's winning almost every moment of the fight. Unofficial scorecard -- Round 6: 10-9 Andrade (Fight: 60-52 Andrade)

Andrade lands a big left hand lead to the chin but Keeler takes it. Andrade circling around the ring with some exaggerated movements.

Round 5 kicks off with Andrade lunching with a power shot and getting tangled up with Keeler and Keeler throws a few of his own punches. Now Keeler is chashing him forward throwing punches and Andrade isn't really doing anything in return.

Another easy Andrade round in the books. Unofficial scorecard -- Round 5: 10-9 Andrade (Fight: 50-43 Andrade)

Keeler, to his credit, is still doing everything he can to make this a fight, but Andrade is mostly toying with him and popping jabs and choosing when he wants to engage and how.

Before Round 5, Andrade's corner tells him to stop forcing things and reminds the fighter they don't care about knockouts. But Andrade cracks Keeler with a hard sweeping right hand early in the round anyway.

Andrade pops with the jab and Keeler lands a punch to the body. Andrade lands a two-punch combo to end Round 4. Unofficial scorecard -- Round 4: 10-9 Andrade (Fight: 40-34 Andrade)

Andrade taking his time and getting into that familiar rhythm where he starts to slow his offensive push and Keeler is trying to take advantage with an increased pace to his own punches.

Keeler gets a few punches off early in Round 4, but they don't land cleanly as Andrade covers up.

Keeler makes it through Round 3 without suffering a knockdown. Unofficial scorecard -- Round 3: 10-9 Andrade (Fight: 30-25 Andrade)

Keeler tries to come forward and Andrade clubs him backward. Keeler has to figure something out because everything he has tried has backfired so far.

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