Floyd Mayweather may not be a betting man when it comes to himself, but there's a first time for everything. In spite of UFC president Dana White's insistence that Mayweather bets on himself, people familiar with Mayweather's betting habits say that Mayweather doesn't bet on himself, but his friends and entourage do.

That isn't to say that Mayweather doesn't bet, mind you. He has a history of posting winning tickets on social media. One such case is a 2015 Warriors-Rockets matchup that he bet $200,000 on, for the Warriors straight up. He also put down $1.1 million on Oregon over Arizona State back in 2012. Last season, Mayweather claimed to strike it rich when he bet on his friend Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics to win.

But Mayweather's confidence may come to a head with McGregor this Saturday on Showtime PPV beginning at 9 p.m. ET. Reports are now circulating that Mayweather is considering a $5 million bet on himself for Saturday's fight. Mayweather is currently sitting at -400 odds in the fight, which means if he wins, he'll walk away with a cool $6.25 million in addition to everything else that's in his contract.

Amid all of Mayweather's crazy bets, however, he has something special to say about this one in particular. And he isn't married to the $5 million number.

"You guys will see the ticket. Don't worry," he said. "You guys will see the betting ticket. I can't really say what's the number, but I will bet something heavy. Will it be my biggest ever? Most likely."

Mayweather has been surprisingly humble leading up to the fight in recent weeks. He admitted that he's been out of boxing for some time and may have lost a step. McGregor, of course, said he'd start thinking around the second round whether or not he wanted to embarrass Mayweather. Mayweather isn't without his arrogant edge, however. He's already in the throes of a week long party at his own strip club leading up to the fight, rather than preparing. With that kind of confidence, it's no wonder he wants to bet on himself.

Whatever happens, even if Mayweather loses his bet, it's a drop in the bucket compared to what he'll make just for participating in the fight. It's the lowest stakes $5 million bet you'll ever see -- but it's still a $5 million bet from a guy that normally doesn't bet on himself.