Floyd Mayweather is never shy about bragging about his gambling winnings. Whether it's showing off his betting slips or parlays, Mayweather continues to live up to his "Money" nickname.

That's why it comes as no surprise that Mayweather posted this pic of himself and his winnings from Tuesday night after the Celtics came back to beat the Wizards in overtime thanks to the show Isaiah Thomas put on.

I bet on @isaiahthomas today! ☘️ #TMT

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That's roughly 40 individual stacks of $10,000 each, which after whipping out the handy calculator is about $400,000. Mayweather and Thomas have been close friends for a while now, with Mayweather buying Thomas a new car for his birthday a couple years ago.

It remains unclear, however, if Mayweather could take Thomas 1-on-1.