BROOKLYN, New York -- If there was one way to separate the Charlo brothers from each other since both turned pro in 2007, it was the idea that Jermall was more of a puncher and Jermell was more of a boxer.

That description may no longer be true.

Junior middleweight titlist Jermell Charlo made the first defense of his WBC title on Saturday with a resounding one-punch knockout of Charles Hatley at the Barclays Center.

Charlo (29-0, 14 KOs), who rallied to knockout John Jackson to win a vacant title last May, authored a clear candidate for Knockout of the Year at 32 seconds of Round 6. After an almost absurd flurry of punches -- CompuBox had Charlo landing 14 of 17 to close the round -- Charlo finished Hatley off with a short right hand to the chin.

Hatley (26-2-1, 18 KOs) fell face first under the ropes and bounced off of a ringside camera man. Referee Harvey Dock waved off the fight instantly without a count.

"I used that jab to set up the right hand," Jermell Charlo said. "I knew Charles Hatley goes down and he gets back up -- he's a warrior -- and I knew I had to get in there and be a lion."

Hatley, who jawed with Charlo at Friday's weigh in and needed to be separated before a fight ensued, was coming off a 17-month layoff due to promotional issues. But he was game throughout despite being on the wrong end of a one-sided bout and continued to plow forward.

Charlo, 26, knocked Hatley into the ropes to end Round 2 with a big right hand and floored him one round later on a sweeping overhand shot. From there, Charlo continued to dominate until the knockout, landing uppercuts from distance and flurries from close range.

"I thought he gave a phenomenal performance. He did everything we worked on in camp," Charlo's trainer Derrick James said. "He set him up with the jab and took him out with the right. That is what he needed to do."

Charlo's twin brother Jermall, himself a former junior middleweight titlist, recently gave up his belt to announce a move up to middleweight. His vacant title was won by Jarrett Hurt in February when he knocked out Tony Harrison.

"I'm the champ so I have to continue to fight my mandatory," Jermell Charlo said. "They got a guy named Jarret Hurd that took my brother's title. We could unify."

Charlo outlanded Hatley, 71 to 33, according to CompuBox. He also landed 52 percent of his power punches.

"I'm so proud of my brother," Jermall Charlo said. "He stayed focused this week and did the right things in the ring. He hit the gas when he needed to. He won every round. We are blessed."