When you're not the flagship football program in a state like Arkansas, you have to find every way possible to make a name for yourself. Blake Anderson is doing a good job of that at Arkansas State, which is 4-2 on the season and in a position to win the Sun Belt conference title. 

Still, even Anderson knows Arkansas is primarily a Razorbacks state, especially with no in-state pro sports to latch on to. However, that doesn't mean he's willing to play second-fiddle without a fight, or in this case, a good joke. And with Arkansas dead last in the SEC West, now is the perfect time to have a little fun at its expense. Speaking with reporters, Anderson told a long-winded joke about visiting a school in Arkansas State's backyard of Jonesboro. It's best to watch the video below and enjoy with no prior notions, but just know the kicker is a perfect burn. 

The setup is solid, but the "That's not my problem" meme-worthy drink of water at the end is what really brings the whole joke home. 10/10, would tell at a booster luncheon.