New Mexico coach Bob Davie has been suspended for 30 days after two separate investigations of the athletics department into allegations that the football staff had improper involvement and improper handling of alleged misconduct. 

Both the university and an outside law firm were charged with investigating the department following a concern raised by a UNM student. Interim president Chaouki Abdallah said the probe turned up outdated practices and policy violations as it pertains to the reporting misconduct.  

"Both identified blind-spots as well as instances where UNM policies have been violated and outdated practices persist regarding University reporting processes," Abdallah said. "Although UNM has clear policies, procedures and options for reporting misconduct and has made important progress in simplifying these options, gaps still exist. We will close the gaps and will not accept confusion or ignorance of policies as an excuse. Behavior that violates our policies will not be tolerated. We will intensify our efforts to educate our campus community and change the culture of accountability within the University."

According to the Albuquerque Journal, the law firm "could not conclude that football coaches or staff has obstructed with criminal investigations or misconduct cases involving players based on its review of three incidents." Davie's 30-day suspension, announced just after introducing the Lobos' 2018 signing class, is unpaid and comes with details of alleged involvement in a rape case involving a player and a female student. 

via the Journal

The alleged victim also later complained to student advocate complaining that football players talking about the rape case had said Davie ""was going to take care of it." In following up, the Office of Equal Opportunity spoke to UNMPD who expressed concerns Davie was interfering with the investigation. One officer "confirmed that Coach Davie admitted he had spoken to the players about the case and produced two players who had found a (redacted word) video of the alleged victim."

In a statement released on Friday, Davie announced he was appealing the suspension. He also specifically denied the allegation that he tried to "get some dirt" on the victim. 

Over the past nine months the University has conducted three investigations involving the football program dating back to 2012. None of these three investigations determined that I had violated any University policy.  I have appealed the suspension imposed by Interim President Abdallah to the Board of Regents.

I fully cooperated in every respect and met multiple times with the investigators, but was never asked to meet with or provide information to Hogan.  In fact, the Hogan Report reads "Given the lack of specific evidence that he or his staff engaged in criminal obstruction or retaliation with respect to these three incidences, we also determined that it was not necessary to interview Coach Davie or conduct a further review of additional police, OEO and medical records." 

While I do not think it is appropriate to discuss specifics of the investigation at this time, I will respond to one of several troubling allegations.  Apparently some unnamed person has claimed that during a team meeting I told the players to "get some dirt on this [victim]".  None of the investigators told me about this claim or asked me if I ever made this remark.  So there is no misunderstanding, never did I make that or any similar comment. 

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas has an ongoing investigation into the university's athletics department but announced on Thursday that it would expand.