Members of Texas A&M's coaching staff have a new clause in their contract that will incentivize them to report any information they have regarding allegations of gender violence or sexual assault.

Per an open records request from Ben Baby of the Dallas Morning News, A&M assistants must "promptly report" any information they receive regarding allegations of gender violence. Failure to do so will result in termination without damages. The report says the contracts of offensive coordinator Darrell Dickey, tight ends coach Tim Brewster, defensive ends coach Terry Price and director of football operations Mark Robinson were cited as having the same clause, which did not appear on previous contracts. 

The language of the clause states that coaches must contact the school's Title IX coordinator along with the athletic department's senior woman coordinator or appropriate law enforcement. This is done "in the case of an emergency situation... alleged or suspected illegal gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, intimate partner violence, stalking and/or related retaliation."

There have been plenty of instances in which allegations of gender violence in athletics have been met with either widespread failure to do more, or worse, direct attempts to intimidate or otherwise suppress the victims. How many times have coaches said they didn't know the extent of what was happening or wish in hindsight they could have done more? 

One way to change that trend can be to punish people where it seems to matter the most: their wallet. Conversely, if a coach does report an allegation promptly, it can protect them down the road if the case makes it to court.