Vine is going away. The six-second video sharing service has been perfect for capturing (and in some cases, enhancing) college football moments for internet consumption. We're very sad that Vine is going away since it has provided so much #content for the masses, but while these embed codes still work, we want to review the best college football Vines of all time.

Category I: Highlights so great you only need six seconds

These are moments in college football that individually needed no set up and no review. Vine allowed users to clip the exact instant they wanted and viewers could review it over and over.

Arkansas State pulls the "fainting goat" trick play out against Miami.

Clowney's bowl game takedown.

Arizona State OL gets lost.

Category II: Highlights enhanced by editors to create incredible mash-ups

The easy accessibility to video editing services allowed fans to create incredible remixes of college football moments. We begin with the G.O.A.T., the Jameis Winston RKO mash-up from Florida State's Rose Bowl loss to Oregon.

Hard hits get the Ice Cube-Chris Tucker "Friday" reaction.

Category III: When the sideshow is the show

Sometimes on the sideline, sometimes in pregame and sometimes away from the football field entirely, these are the best of the rest.

Frank Beamer stares into the oblivion while enjoying a snack at a Virginia Tech basketball game

Oregon's mascot too lit for the title game.

And finally, the greatest moment in Vine's history: When Boston College coach Steve Addazio went on a tear of posts looking for dudes in 2013.

RIP Vine :(