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Whether you're a weekend warrior or think your golf game is Masters-worthy, there's never been a better time to swing into the right golf gear. That starts with the right golf bag. 

Today's options are nothing like your parents' clunky golf bags. Gone are the Sunday back spasms caused by a bag heavier than the clubs it carried. Modern golf bags, like Taylor Made's Select Cart Bag and the Callaway Golf Fairway 14 Stand Bag, are lightweight, water-resistant and feature strap and divider options to meet every player's needs at every level of play.

What to look for in a golf bag: The different types

Not all golf bags are created equal. Here are the main types of golf bags you should consider.

Carry golf bags

With the lightest weight, carry bags are best for players who prefer to walk the course. They tend to be more affordable.

Our top carry golf bag: Orlimar Pitch 'N Putt Lightweight Carry Bag

$48 at Amazon

Stand golf bags

Stand bags offer the most versatility, though they tend to be heavier in weight than carry bags.

Our top stand golf bag: Powerbilt TPS Dunes 14-Way

$95 at Amazon

Cart golf bags

Featuring a base at the bottom and ample amounts of storage and pockets, cart bags are generally preferred by the pros.

Our top cart golf bag: Founders Club Premium Car Bag With 14-Way Organizer

$200 at Amazon

Tour golf bags

Another favorite of pros and diehard golfers, tour bags (also known as staff bags) are often larger and more luxurious, but also weigh more than cart bags in general.

Our top tour golf bag: PROSiMMON Tour 14-Way Golf Bag

$100 at Amazon

Travel golf bags

Made specifically for the golfer who wants to travel the world's best courses, travel bags are designed to protect clubs without the extra weight of cart and tour bags.

Our top travel golf bag: Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Travel Bag

$36 at Amazon

Things to consider when buying a golf bag

Dividers: The most important part of your bag will be its dividers. Ranging from one to 15 dividers, look for the term "way-top" used in reference to the number of dividers at the top of the bag. Southpaws, you'll want to look for a bag with dividers designated for left-handed clubs.

Number of pockets and features: From insulated cooler pockets to keep a drink cold, to small pockets for keys and accessories, assess your storage needs before choosing your golf bag.

Strap System: Most bag have lift handles making the bag easier to carry, but course-walkers should look for strap systems with wide, well-padded straps.

Our favorite men's golf bags 2023

Looking for a new golf bag to start the season? How about a cart bag that will make you feel like a pro or a travel bag that will take your clubs anywhere you want to go? Shop our selections of top-rated golf club bags below.

Carry Bags

Craftsman Lightweight Carry Golf Bag

Craftsman Carry Bag

At just 2.4 pounds, this small lightweight bag holds between three and ten clubs. The two-way dividers will keep your clubs organized and the multiple pockets will keep phones, keys and wallets in place.

Craftsman Carry Bag, $73

$73 at Amazon

Big Teeth Foldable Sunday Carry Bag

Foldable Carry Golf Bag

This large capacity carry bag holds seven to ten clubs and comes in a wide array of vibrant colors. The padded shoulder strap guarantees extra comfort and the zippered pocket adds extra storage for can't-lose items like phone, keys and wallets.

Big Teeth Foldable Sunday Carry Bag, $44 (reduced from $70)

$44 at Amazon

More bags to consider:

Ruthnissi Easy Carry Bag With Padded Strap, $66

$66 at Amazon

Tourbon Vintage Golf Club Carry Bag, $110

$110 at Amazon

Stand Bags

Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bag

Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bag

Sun Mountain's stand golf bag comes in two sizes, four-way and 14-way, and includes eight easy-to-access pockets. Comfort is key here thanks to the bag's integrated comfort hip and lift-assist strap built into the lower pocket. 

Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bag, $250 and up

$250 and up on Amazon

Ogio 2023 Fuse Stand Bag

Ogio Stand Golf Bag

With nine vibrant colors and pattern choices, Ogio's Fuse Stand Bag has a choice for every personality. Eleven external pockets and one easy-access pocket make this a total win.

Ogio 2023 Fuse Stand Bag, $250

$250 at Amazon

More bags to consider:

Taylormade Golf Flextech Crossover, $300 

$300 at Amazon

Titleist 14 Hybrid Golf Bag, $265

$265 at Amazon

Callaway Golf 2022 Fairway Plus Stand Bag, $251(reduced from $270)

$251 at Amazon

Cart Bags

Taylor Made Select ST Cart Bag

Taylor Made Cart Bag

Micro-suede pockets provide protective storage for your valuables and the bag's full-length dividers prevent club crowding. The seven large pockets provide ample storage, including a waterproof pocket to keep your phone, wallet and keys dry all day.

Taylor Made Select ST Cart Bag, $200

$200 at Amazon

Founders Club Franklin Golf Push Cart Bag 

Founders Club Cart Bag

This spacious bag boasts 15 full-length dividers, including a front access putter tube. Nine zippered pockets provide ample storage and the insulated beverage pocket will keep your favorite beverage cool.

Founders Club Select ST Cart Bag, $170 (reduced from $220)

$170 at Amazon

Taylor Made Supreme Cart Bag

Taylor Made Cart Bag 2

With 11 pockets and 14 way-top dividers, Taylor Made's Supreme Cart bag offers more than enough storage for all your golfing essentials. The large insulated cooler pockets keeps beverages cool and out of the sun.  

Taylor Made Supreme Cart Bag, $300

$300 at Amazon

More bags to consider:

Sun Mountain 14 Way Full Cart Bag, $290

$290 at Amazon

Callaway 14 Chev Cart Bag, $180 (reduced from $210)

$180 at Amazon

Ogio Woode Cart Bag, $270 (reduced from $290)

$270 at Amazon

Tour Bags

Mizuno Tour Bag

Mizuno Tour Cart Bag

A 14-way top cuff and full-length dividers mean maximum storage options for all the avid golfer's needs. Durable, abrasion resistant fabric means this bag will stand the test of time.

Mizuno Tour Cart Bag, $400

$400 at Amazon

Big Max Dri Lite Hybrid Tour Water Repellent Golf Bag

Dri Lite Golf Bag

The 14-way divider has perfectly sized pockets for each club, the extra-large water-repellant pockets boast enough space for jackets or sweaters. Insulated cooler pockets keep beverages cool and the 100% waterproof zippers keep scorecards and club cards dry.

Big Max Dri Lite Hybrid Tour Water Repellent Golf Bag, $200 (reduced from $259)

$200 at Amazon

Sun Mountain Tour Series Golf Bag

Sun Mountain Tour Bag

Ten pockets are available to organize your gear and the four-way top has full-length dividers to keep your clubs from tangling and scraping. Roomy and durable, this bag will have you feeling like a pro.

Sun Mountain Tour Series Golf Bag, $217 (reduced from $280)

$217 at Amazon

More bags to consider:

Taylor Made Golf Tour Stand, $365 (reduced from $400)

$365 at Amazon

Tour Edge Hot Launch Xtreme Cart 5.0 Bag, $150

$150 at Amazon

Travel Bags

Looking to golf on your next vacation? You'll need a travel golf bag. Here are some of the top travel bag options on Amazon to consider.

Founders Club Golf Travel Bag With ABS Hard Shell Top, $179 (reduced from $219)

$179 at Amazon

Turn Way Padded Foldable Bag With Wheels, $66 after coupon (reduced from $79)

$66 at Amazon

Amazon's Basic Soft-Sided Travel Bag, $60

$60 at Amazon

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