Golf lovers know that gear is everything. That's why the importance of a great golf bag cannot be understated. It's not just about weight (though having a bag weighing less than five pounds sure is a game changer if you're carrying it). It's about shape and balance. Today's best golf bags boast impressively comfy straps, smart shaping, and -- for those of you who live in drizzly climes -- plenty of extra room for towels or rain gear.

And, let's admit it: Looks matter. These bags are as easy on the eyes as they are on your (or your caddy's) shoulders and back.

Want to level up your golf game with a new golf bag? We have you covered. Keep reading to check out the top-rated golf bags of 2024. 

Best golf bag overall: Frogger Function hybrid golf bag


Weighing less than five pounds, this 4.4-star-reviewed, lightweight hybrid golf bag is easy to carry and features impressively plush shoulder straps. The Frogger Function hybrid golf bag is compact enough to fit in a push cart (or on a golf cart) and boasts an award-winning magnetic latch system. Literally. The "Latch-It Ecosystem" feature earned the title of "Best New Product" at the PGA Merchandise Show.

The award-winning design is built for the "caddieless golfer" who needs quick and easy access to all of their gadgets and gear. The signature magnetic latch-it system allows you to attach a Latch-it receiver to any accessory, whether that's your rangefinder, your phone, a towel or anything else you might need. Snap them to your bag, your belt or even your golf cart for quick access to your most important gear.

For everything you're not attaching to the bag via the Latch-It system, there are seven roomy (and expandable) pockets, including an apparel pocket and an insulated water bottle pocket. The five-way club divider in the main compartment helps keep your clubs organized, minimizing rattle whether you're carrying or carting this golf bag.

The Frogger function hybrid bag is available in five colors. Get it on Amazon for $200 after clipping the on-site coupon (reduced from $230).

Top features of the Frogger Function hybrid golf bag:

  • The lightweight (under 5 pounds) golf bag and padded straps make this a great choice for golfers who carry their bag. 
  • The compact size and golf cart strap channel make it a handy cart bag that still offers easy access to everything you need even when it's on a cart.
  • The award-winning Latch-It system lets you magnetically attach your most important devices and accessories to the outside of the bag for quick access.
  • A 5-way divider keeps your clubs organized.
  • This bag comes with 7 expandable pockets to fit all of your gear.
$200 at Amazon

Best cart bag: Ogio Woode Silencer cart bag


The mother of all cart bags, the Ogio Woode Silencer cart bag returned last year after a multi-year hiatus. Its most stand-out feature (and the reason for its name) is the signature 15-way molded divider and club-locking technology. Not only does this keep your golf clubs perfectly organized, but it also locks them in place so they don't move and bang into each other. Hence, the silence of this rattle-free golf bag.

Silence aside, this cart bag also delivers on gear organization. There are 11 storage pockets, including a roomy apparel pocket and an insulated cooler pocket for your favorite on-the-green beverages. There's even a handy rapid-access ball pocket.

Available in 11 stylish colors, you'll catch plenty of compliments on your golf bag game, even if you're still polishing your actual golf game.

Get the ultra-organized, ultra-quiet Ogio Woode Silencer cart bag for $330.

Top features of the Ogio Woode Silencer Cart Bag:

  • The 15-way molded divider lets you keep your clubs perfectly organized.
  • The unique club-locking design holds clubs in place to prevent rattling -- great for your clubs and your ears.
  • With 11 storage pockets, you'll have more than enough room for all of your golf gear.
  • You can stash your favorite beverages in the insulated cooler pocket.
$330 at PGA Tour Superstore $330 at Ogio

Best weather-resistant golf bag: Callaway Fairway C HD stand bag


The Callaway Fairway C HD stand bag is built for maximum water resistance and durability so you can haul this bag in any weather without worrying whether it will hold up. The water-resistant material is seam-sealed to keep your clubs and your other gear safe.

Alongside durable construction, this stand bag also protects your clubs by including a four-way shaft shield. This soft rubber divider prevents your clubs from banging against each other when you move the bag. The Flex Pod base on this new design also makes it easier to put the bag down. It can stabilize itself to stay upright without you needing to fiddle with the positioning to make sure it's stable.

If you're a carrier, you'll also appreciate the ergonomic, self-adjusting Anamatic straps that clip on to turn this into a carry bag.

Get the premium golf bag for $280.

Top features of the Callaway Fairway C HD stand bag:

  • Nine pockets keep your golf balls, tees, towels, and other essentials organized and dry.
  • The hooks and loops on the bag provide extra space for clipping on accessories that you want easy access to.
  • The durable, water-resistant construction provides great protection for your clubs.
  • Removable double straps allow you to turn this stand bag into a carry bag.
$280 at PGA Tour Superstore $280 at Callaway

Best golf bag on a budget: Izzo Ultra Lite cart bag


The 4.5-star-rated Izzo Ultra Lite golf bag is not only the least expensive option on this list but also the lightest, at just 3.8 pounds. The space-efficient bag has a Smartgrip handle, 14-way club organization, a waterproof valuables pocket, a single carry strap, an umbrella holder (for die-hards), a glove holder, a towel clip and a rain hood.

If you want a lot of bag for a very reasonable price, this is the one to go for.

One Amazon reviewer raves, "I love this golf bag. It is made very well, has plenty of storage and is as light as a feather."

The Izzo Ultra Lite golf bag comes in four colors.

Regularly retailing for $150, you can get it on Amazon right now for as low as $97.

Top features of the Izzo Ultra Lite cart bag:

  • Weighing just 3.8 pounds, this bag is easy to lift in and out of your cart.
  • The compact bag boasts plenty of storage thanks to six roomy pockets and exterior clips for your towel, gloves, and umbrella. 
  • The 14-way divider provides great club organization.
  • The dividers are full length for maximum shaft protection.  
$97 and up at Amazon

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Is it better to have a cart golf bag or stand golf bag?

The biggest choice to make when shopping for a new golf bag is between stand, cart or hybrid bags. Stand bags are designed to be lighter, for golfers who prefer to carry their clubs and walk the course. The fold-out stand legs allow you to set it down when it's time to play. 

Cart bags, on the other hand, tend to be a bit heavier with a narrower base and flatter back so they can fit securely in a cart. You'll also notice that they generally put all of the storage pockets on the front of the bag so that you can easily access them even when the bag is on a cart. They also often have more pockets (or bigger pockets). Since you're keeping it on the cart, it doesn't matter how heavy it is so you can take full advantage of loading it up with all of your gear.

What is a hybrid golf bag?

A hybrid bag generally refers to a golf bag that does a little bit of both, such as a stand bag with extra pockets and a cart-friendly design or a cart bag with removable straps so you have the option of carrying it. 

If you tend to alternate between carrying and carting depending on the day or who you're playing with, hybrid is the way to go. However, if you only ever cart (or carry) your golf bag, it's usually better to get one fully specialized for that purpose.