We're going all in on our golf game this year. Even if you're not thrilled about golfing in cold weather, the off-season is the best time to go back to the basics. Build your core strength and mobility. Hone your swing.

One of the best ways to do that is with a golf trainer or simulator. The best golf trainers and simulators let you keep practicing from the comfort of home, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Right now, we're stocking up on the best training tools to improve our game and we thought we'd let you in on some of our best-kept secrets for keeping our golf game sharp. Keep reading for the best golf trainers and simulators you can buy in 2024.

The best golf simulators for 2024

Rain or shine or snow, play at all hours of the day or night (sorry, family) with these top golf simulators.

Best golf simulator overall: OptiShot 2 golf simulator for home


This OptiShot Golf In A Box kit comes with everything you need to set up your own at-home golf simulator. That includes an HD projector, impact screen, turf mat, enclosure and more. The golf swing trainer that you'll use with the OptiShot 2 has an infrared sensor to track speed, path, carry distance, face angle and other key metrics you can use to improve your swing.

OptiShot 2 lets you golf (virtually) on the world's best courses. Best of all, there's no subscription required. The simulator and nearly all gameplay features are included at no extra charge. While there are in-game purchasing options like extra courses and season passes to participate in OptiShot's live tournaments, there's no paywall blocking any of the features of your simulator. 

Note that this simulator runs on Windows 8, 10 or 11. It is not compatible with MacOS.

Normally $5,000, you can get the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator on sale for $4,000 at Amazon right now.

Top features of OptiShot 2:

  • Swing and club analysis offers instantaneous feedback on every shot.
  • You can compete against other OptiShot players from around the world.
  • No subscription is required to use this golf simulator or play against friends.
$4,000 at Amazon

Best golf simulator for small spaces: Phigolf 2 Golf Simulator 


This Amazon top seller comes with an ultra-realistic simulator featuring a smart sensor that makes you feel as if you've really struck a ball. Rated 4.0 stars on Amazon, Philgolf 2 Simulator's pre-set courses are a selling point, as is the ease of setup.

If you don't have a full room (or garage) you can dedicate to a golf simulator, the Phigolf 2 is your best bet. Using a Bluetooth golf swing trainer fitted with a swing sensor, this mobile golf simulator lets you practice using any compatible TV or mobile device. 

It's not exactly the same as hitting a real ball, but it's impressively close for a golf simulator you can use in your living room. Plus, you can get it for just $239 at Walmart (reduced from $300), which makes this one of the most budget-friendly golf simulators by a long shot.

Top features of Phigolf 2 Simulator:

  • The swing trainer and sensor analyze swinging, chipping, driving and putting, offering realtime feedback on your speed, tempo, attack angle, estimated distance and more.
  • Phigolf 2 features 76 courses and 3D data analysis to help you understand how you play and how to improve.
  • Online networking connects you with other players worldwide.
  • Easy setup takes the hassle out of getting started.
$239 at Walmart

PGA Pro-approved golf simulator: Full Swing KIT Studio


A launch monitor and golf simulator in one, the Full Swing KIT Studio is a new release from Full Swing that came out late last year. The new all-in-one golf training system is a more affordable, at-home version of the Full Swing golf simulator used by Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm and other PGA Tour pros.

With multiple packages available, you can pick and choose the specific pieces you need or grab the complete kit, which comes with the projector and screen, nets, sandbags, turf landing pads and everything else you need to set up your own at-home golf simulator.

Certain features are free to use, including gameplay and a basic version of the Full Swing app. You'll have to pay an annual subscription ranging from $99 to $499 per year to unlock all the premium features.

While it doesn't come cheap, you are getting the next best thing to the golf simulator used by the pros. Prices range from $8,000 to over $15,000, depending on which package you get.

Top features of the Full Swing KIT Studio:

  • The Full Swing App is a user-friendly golf app that gives you real-time feedback and video playback to practice like a pro.
  • Spend the off-season training on over 15 virtual courses, including many featured on the PGA tour.
  • Multiplayer options turn practice into playtime as you compete against friends in the golf simulator.
  • The AI-powered radar tracks 16 points on your golf club and ball to give the most precise measurement of your swing.
$8,000 and up

Most versatile golf simulator: Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro


The Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro is a launch monitor that can become a golf simulator when you need it. A favorite of Amazon shoppers and CBS Sports readers alike, the pocket-sized launch monitor pairs easily and quickly with most devices. 

The Rapsodo launch monitor uses a dual optical camera and radar to accurately track and record your swing. Get real-time feedback across 13 metrics to help you improve your golf swing and approach. You also get multiple ways to watch your swing replay, including in slow motion if you opt for the premium membership ($100 per year).

Made for indoor and outdoor use, you can take this launch monitor on the golf course or connect it to your projector and impact screen to create a precision at-home golf simulator. With access to more than 30,000 courses (some available only with a premium membership), this compact yet powerful device instantly becomes a premium golf simulator.

Get the versatile launch monitor and golf simulator for $695 at Amazon.

Top features of Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro:

  • Use it as a launch monitor on the golf course or as part of your own DIY golf simulator set up at home. 
  • The Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro tracks 13 key metrics using a dual optical camera and radar for precision measurments.
  • Watch swing replays to perform your own swing analysis. 
  • While a paid premium version exists, the free version offers plenty of features to get you started.
$695 at Amazon

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The best golf trainers of 2024

Use a golf trainer to work on your swing, core strength and mobility.

Best golf trainer overall: GolfForever Swing Trainer by Scottie Scheffler


This all-in-one golf swing trainer kit is a safe approach to improving a golf swing, focusing on core strength and mobility. We were impressed by its 4.6-star review, even more impressed by the buyer who called this durable and lightweight product "life changing." Created by world number one Scottie Scheffler, this golf trainer is endorsed by golf's best (literally).

Top features of Golf Forever Swing Trainer:

  • The kit includes 30-day access to training videos.
  • This golf trainer is designed to improve the three key components of a consistent and powerful swing: mobility, balance and speed.
  • The training bar is 44 inches.
$200 at Amazon

Best golf trainer on a budget: Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer


The Orange Whip Trainer (43.5" L) is a mid-size golf training aid and a terrific warm-up tool. It's designed to help improve your swing as well as your range of motion.

Get it for $120 on Amazon.

Top features of Orange Whip Trainer:

  • The counterbalanced shaft swing system provides feedback to increase flexibility and train coordination.
  • The golf swing trainer helps train core strength and range of motion.
  • It helps coordinate your upper and lower body for a more consistent swing.
$120 at Amazon

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What's the difference between a golf simulator and a launch monitor?

While a golf simulator and launch monitor share similarities, the two are actually very different. 

A golf simulator, like Amazon top seller from Phigolf, is an entire system designed to replicate playing on a real course. Golf simulators usually include a large projection screen, which displays a virtual course and range. Simulators use sensors and cameras to track the trajectory of the golf ball as well as your swing and generally offer a library of courses on which users can virtually play. You use your own golf clubs, generally connected to the simulator using a Bluetooth adaptor. You can even connect to play with other users playing from different locations.

A launch monitor uses Doppler radar or camera-based tech to track a ball's flight or movement when in play. Launch monitors, which are either app-based or a small mobile device, are used on the golf course, offering analytics and metrics on the user's swing.

A golf trainer is a high-quality swing aid that offers feedback and analytics on how the user swings, and how to improve.