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Some people call winter the off-season, but for die-hard golfers there is no such thing. Winter golfing may come with a few extra challenges, but it's one of the best ways to beat the crowds and get the course almost to yourself. It's also a great way to keep your game sharp while the rest of your golf buddies are kicking back and falling out of practice.

If you're determined to keep golfing through the winter, it's essential to wear the right gear. The best cold weather golf gear will keep you warm without restricting your movement so you can perfect your swing even in the bitter winter cold. Keep reading for our favorite cold weather golf gear from some of the leading golf brands.

A merino wool sweater to wear under vests: Peter Millar Excursionist Flex performance pullover

Peter Millar

This quarter-zip sweater by Peter Millar is made from 90% merino wool so it's extra soft and easy to move in. The fitted style also makes it perfect for layering under a vest or jacket on cold days.

When winter's over, this stylish, lightweight merino wool sweater will be just as great to golf in during your spring and fall season games, too. Get the super soft sweater while it's on sale for $100 (reduced from $200).

$100 at Peter Millar

Peter Millar makes a similar sweater for women. Featuring a crewneck instead of a quarter-zip, the Excursionist Flex Crew for women is made of the same cashmere-soft merino wool, and will keep you just as warm. Select colors of the women's sweater are on sale for as low as $168.

$168 at Peter Millar

An insulated jacket to wear in between swings: Wilson Game Day convertible puffer jacket


Wilson's Game Day convertible puffer jacket is the ideal three-season golf jacket. Featuring a durable water-repellant shell and plush insulation, the jacket will keep you warm and dry through all 18 holes. And if it starts to warm up later, you can detach the hood and the sleeves to turn this into a lightweight puffer vest.

Get the plush, water-resistant golf jacket while it's on sale for $209 (reduced from $298).

$209 at Wilson

For men, Wilson makes a similar insulated bomber jacket that's great for golf. While not convertible, the Wilson Harrison Warm-Up bomber jacket is stuffed with ultralight yet heat-trapping Polartec Alpha insulation so you stay warm without restricting your range of movement. The insulated jacket for men is $138.

$138 at Wilson

Water-repellent pants that are easy to layer: Lululemon Adapted State high rise fleece jogger


Lululemon might not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think golf, but the athleisure brand makes some of the most comfortable pants you can wear on a golf course. On colder days, we recommend you slip on a pair of these Adapted State high-rise fleece joggers.

The full-length pant is made from a stretchy, water-repellant fabric that keeps you warm and dry while you play. On extra cold days when you're wearing a base layer underneath, the zippered cuff makes these joggers even easier to slip on over your thermal leggings.

Get a pair of the soft, stretchy Lululemon joggers for $138.

$138 at Lululemon

For men, the Lululemon Surge jogger is an equally comfortable pair of golf pants. Made from a similar nylon-lycra blend, the men's jogger pants are soft, stretchy and great for golfing. They even come with a convenient zippered cuff to make it easier to pull these on over thermals. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these Surge Joggers are priced at $118 for a pair.

$118 at Lululemon

A popular winter golf glove: Footjoy WinterSof golf gloves (pair)


In winter, golf gloves aren't optional. You will need a pair that keep your hands warm without affecting your grip on the golf club. This pair of Footjoy WinterSof golf gloves does just that. Designed specifically for golfers, the gloves are windproof, waterproof and feature a knit palm so you can get a secure grip on the club and pick up golf balls and tees without a problem.

These golf gloves also feature an extended knit cuff to stop cold air from getting in. Available in a wide range of sizes for both men and women, we appreciate the ability to choose the perfect fit for your hands so you can wear them comfortably all day.

Get a pair of the Footjoy golf gloves for $27.

Shop men's sizes:

$27 at Footjoy

Shop women's sizes:

$27 at Footjoy

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What is the coldest weather you can play golf in?

The simple answer is: whatever weather you can tolerate playing golf in. With that said, cold weather typically means cold muscles and stiff joints, which can impact your range of motion and performance when you play.

Winter can also bring wind, snow and other conditions that can reduce visibility and generally make course conditions tough. So if you're determined to get a round in even though it's almost freezing outside, try to plan your visits to the course for sunnier days. That way, you're not dealing with wind or sleet, in addition to freezing temperatures. (You can always make up for missed days by practicing your swing with a golf simulator.)

What do you wear golfing in cold weather?

The key to a great cold weather golf outfit is layering. Your heaviest winter coat might keep you super warm, but it's also bulky and likely to restrict your movement as you play. A series of layers -- especially ones made from quality materials like merino wool -- can trap heat effectively without adding too much bulk.

Plus, dressing in layers means you can add or remove as you go if the weather changes or if you want more freedom of movement as you swing. Remove your jacket to take your shot and put it back on when you're done.

Another tip: Skip the golf cart and walk the course. Walking between holes is a way to avoid the wind chill from breezing across a course in a golf cart. Plus, it keeps your blood flowing, which can help you stay warm.

How do you layer up for cold weather golf?

Depending on just how cold it is, the ideal cold weather golf outfit should include a warm long sleeve undershirt, a light sweater or quarter-zip, an insulated vest and a pair of comfortable, insulated golf pants. If it's really cold, add an insulated jacket to the outfit.  You might also need thicker golf gloves and golf shoes with better traction if you're playing on a wet course.