This offseason, the NFL has had to deal with multiple players committing gambling violations. The league has already suspended five players for violating the NFL's policy on gambling, and ESPN reported last month that the league is investigating a second wave of potential violations. One of the players involved in this second wave is Indianapolis Colts cornerback and kick returner Isaiah Rodgers.

Monday, Sports Handle reported that a Colts player is under investigation for "pervasive wagering activities." There is reportedly evidence this player placed hundreds of wagers -- including some bets on the Colts. The player reportedly made these wagers through an account that was opened by an acquaintance. As for who the player is, a source told Sports Handle that it's not a superstar, but that "an ardent NFL fan has probably heard of him."

The Colts acknowledged to ESPN that there is an ongoing NFL investigation into an unnamed player for gambling violations, but later Monday night Rodgers tweeted out a statement taking responsibility for his actions.

"We are aware of the NFL's investigation and will have no further comment at this time," a team official said, via ESPN.

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NFL players can legally bet on sports that are not the NFL, but they cannot place any wager from team facilities or while traveling with the team. If this Colts player did indeed place wagers on the NFL, he will likely receive the same kind of suspension wide receiver Calvin Ridley did -- an indefinite suspension that can be appealed after one year.