As the Bundesliga showed this past weekend, bringing back live sports can work to a certain extent, but the lack of supporters in a stadium takes away a bit of the experience of the whole match. To correct this issue, Danish soccer team AGF Aarhus will be using technology to bring fans back to the stadium and have a crowd in the stands.

The club will use the video conference service Zoom to beam fans into the stadium through "seats" in a virtual grandstand. To create this, screens will be placed in different parts of Ceres Park, the home stadium of AGF, and fans will populate those screens through their web cameras. If this still isn't clear, this rendering from the club's English-language Twitter account should help things out.

There will be 22 sections available to choose from, and they will all be free. The sections will include a home section, an away section, and one for neutral fans to view the game as well.

The club is returning to regular season play after a two month hiatus to the season because of the coronavirus pandemic. Their first match back will be against rival club Randers FC on May 28.