Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly one of the best boxers of all time. Even though he was fighting a man who had never stepped inside a professional boxing ring on Saturday night in Conor McGregor, Mayweather still accomplished something no other fighter can claim: 50-0.

Mayweather surpassed the fabled 49-0 record set by heavyweight Rocky Marciano with his 10th-round TKO over McGregor on Saturday. It was his first win via stoppage since 2011 when he knocked out Victor Ortiz. When asked after the fight what his plans for the future were, Mayweather didn't even hesitate. 

"This was my last fight tonight, ladies and gentlemen," Mayweather said. "Tonight, I chose the right dancer partner to dance with. Conor McGregor, you're a hell of a fighter and the country of Ireland, we love you guys."

If it is the end for Mayweather, he goes out truly as one of the best ever. He beat some of the best fighters of his generation and never one time hit his back on the mat.