During the event that saw Manny Pacquiao defeat Adrien Broner on Saturday in Las Vegas in their welterweight championship bout, Pacquiao's Los Angeles home was being burglarized, according to LAPD public information officer Tony Im via The Associated Press. According to Pacquiao's spokesman Mike Quinn, it was in fact Pacquiao's home. The burglary reportedly occurred around 4:15 p.m. PT on Saturday. Im told the AP that that the location and property were picked when nobody was home.

"They think it happened on fight night," Fred Sternberg, Pacquiao's publicist said, via ESPN. "They're gathering information and taking inventory and the police are investigating. It's an upsetting situation. They don't know what's been stolen, if anything."

"[The burglars] basically went in and ransacked (Pacquiao's) bedroom. It seems like they found nothing and then they bailed," said Sean Gibbons of Pacquioa's MP Promotions, per ESPN.

Pacquiao retained his "secondary" welterweight title with a unanimous decision victory over Broner, who said that he thought he came out on top despite Pacquiao's utterly dominant performance. Following the match, Pacquiao hinted at desiring a rematch with former rival Floyd Mayweather, who was in attendance but would not definitively answer the call out.