Alabama fan says he sabotaged Kyle Field

Don't hire Alabama fans to work on your stadium
Don't hire Alabama fans to work on your stadium. (USATSI)

Just in case you'd forgotten that things are just kind of different in the SEC, this story should serve as a nice reminder.

Earlier this week I wrote a post about a construction worker that was fired after he hung an Alabama flag while working on the renovations at Texas A&M's Kyle Field. Well, according to the Facebook posts of that fired employee, he did a lot more than just hang a flag.

"This stadium will never be ready for this season," wrote Bobby Livingston on Feb. 28. "I'm putting iron in backwards and wrong holing everything!!" 

Livingston also warned fans about the northeast end zone in April.

"If you ever attend a Texas A&M football game, don't sit at the Northeast End Zone," said Livingston. "It was raining today and I made 2 very "questionable" welds!!"

Now, the odds are that Livingston is joking about all of this, because you'd have to be incredibly stupid to purposely endanger the lives of thousands of people and post about it on Facebook.

Then again, Harvey Updyke.

But don't worry, the engineering company in charge of inspecting Kyle Field says everything is just fine.

"All steel fabrication has been observed and critical welds tested/verified at the plants by the third party firm, Raba Kistner Engineering," said Raba Kistner's Paul Hawryluk. "Once delivered to the site, field welds, moment connections, and bolt torquing are tested/verified in accordance to building code and engineering specification by the third party inspectors. Structural engineers of record review the inspection reports as well as conduct site observation/review of the in place steel."

See, this stuff just isn't necessary in the Pac-12.

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