Baylor suspends DB amid multiple allegations of domestic violence

The sickening news at Baylor just keeps coming -- and this just a few days after Bears women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey vehemently defended the university (to put it lightly). 

KWTX reports that Bears defensive back Travon Blanchard has been named in a protective order issued by a McLennan County judge after a woman, with whom Blanchard had a relationship, accused him of multiple acts of violence over the last eight months.

The affidavit filed for the order lists the following alleged incidents in which Blanchard became violent towards the woman.

  1. On Feb. 4, Blanchard “began verbally abusing the applicant” after a waiter approached the woman at a restaurant. Blanchard followed the woman out of the restaurant and broker her finger, cutting it so badly she could not have it stitched. After police were flagged down, Blanchard fled the scene. 
  2. In January, Blanchard became angry with the woman when she received a Snapchat from a male friend and “began verbally abusing the applicant.”
  3. Last November, Blanchard “grabbed both of [the woman’s] arms, backed her up roughly 10 feet, slammed her against the car, and threw her on the floor” after she made a post on Twitter. 
  4. On July 4, 2016, Blanchard was upset with the woman for having fun with friends and “rushed the applicant, grabbed her by her wrists, began swearing and insulting her, and attempted to force himself and the applicant into her apartment.” He let go of her when police threatened to arrest him. 

Blanchard has been suspended from the team since Feb. 7 pending the outcome of the investigation.

“Immediately upon notification on Feb. 7, the appropriate campus student-conduct process was initiated and Blanchard was suspended indefinitely from all team related activities, pending the outcome of the investigation,” Baylor said in a statement.. 

Blanchard was an All-Big 12 honorable mention in 2016 and is returning for his senior season with the Bears. The recent allegations only add to what has been a horrific series of events for the school over the past few years. In January, a federal lawsuit against Baylor claimed 31 football players committed 52 acts of rape from 2011 to 2014. Baylor regents last fall confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that 17 women came forward alleging 19 football player assaulted them. 

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