Disgraced former Ohio State assistant Zach Smith is owed no severance pay after his July firing, according to correspondence from the school obtained by CBS Sports.

In a letter to Smith's attorney, Ohio State general counsel Julie Vannatta described how Smith was employed under a limited term sheet at the time of his firing.

Ohio State goes on to say in the letter to attorney Brad Koffel that Ohio State's Assistant Football Coach Employment Agreement for 2018-19 "was never fully executed by the University." Had the agreement been fully executed, Smith still would have been fired "for cause."

"Therefore, it is the University's position that Mr. Smith is not owed any severance or buy-out," the correspondence reads.

Smith was fired July 23 when it was reported he had violated a civil protection order taken out by his ex-wife Courtney Smith.

Per the agreement, Zach Smith was on a one-year deal due make $340,000 beginning Feb. 1, 2018. Smith also was to receive a $600 monthly stipend "to cover automobile costs." Smith also got six football season tickets and two basketball season tickets.

On Feb. 14, Zach Smith agreed to the term agreement "with a more thorough and formal employment contract addressing additional terms of employment in the near future."

Five months later, he was fired.