Just when you think fallout from Baylor's sexual assault scandal can't get any more tone-deaf, we present the following.

Per Mark Passwaters of Rivals, the below photo is a full-page ad in the Austin American-Statesman supporting recently resigned Baylor president and chancellor Ken Starr.

According to Passwaters' Twitter account, the ad is quite real, which makes it incredibly scary. For as terribly as Starr has acted in response to the numerous sexual and physical assault allegations, this ad -- paid for by Baylor alumni named within it -- would be further proof that rape culture knows no limits.

The ad thanks Starr for, among other things, his "exceptional care for students and their well-being."

Of course, that was clearly provided they were on Baylor's dry campus, and not at an off-campus party with alcohol -- at least according to Starr in an interview with ESPN's Outside the Lines. In that interview, Starr was equal parts ignorant when it came to 1) accepting responsibility for what happened on his watch and 2) showing any sort of understanding of how sexual assaults occur. .

Starr was reassigned from president to chancellor in the wake of the Pepper Hamilton report only to resign from that position days later. He is still with Baylor's law school. Additionally, coach Art Briles was suspended with intent to terminate and athletic director Ian McCaw resigned after being placed on probation.

There are mixed emotions between Baylor and former president Ken Starr. USATSI