College football programs have been in a facilities arms race for more than a decade, and LSU just upped the ante on the rest of the country. The program released new photos and a video of the new locker room at the football operations building, and it looks more like a spaceship than a place to prepare for a college football game.

The locker room, which was designed by HTNB Architecture, features a chair that folds out into a bed, complete with an iPad holder to watch film, charging ports and storage below the seat/bed. Instead of stand-up lockers, the new facility has an open center so players and coaches can see each other throughout the room. Helmet storage, more charging ports and personal safes are located above the players, including ports to charge devices in helmets that provide data to LSU coaches and support staff.

Check out some of the images of the new room that were released by LSU today. 

The video released by the school details the concept behind the locker room, shows initial sketches and features some of the bells and whistles.

The architects in the video mention that the folding chairs resemble pods that are on luxury airplanes. LSU players will be flying -- or sleeping -- in style in their new digs.