LOOK: Nebraska unveils incredible black alternate uniforms for 2019 college football season

The Cornhuskers are bringing black back in 2019. Nebraska and Adidas unveiled a fresh black alternate uniform for the upcoming season on Monday, and it's pretty spectacular. 

The reveal was executed on Twitter, and included some fancy promotional photos along with a very cool hype video. The Cornhuskers have one of the more simple and timeless uniforms in college football, which makes designing a palatable alternate somewhat of a tough task. But they nailed this one. Take a look at the alternate uniforms which were revealed below.

The black alternate sticks pretty closely to Nebraska's traditional scarlet look, keeping a lot of the same elements in place while just substituting the primary color.  This includes the Cornhuskers' usual helmet with the simple 'N' decal and single stripe down the middle. One of the major differences in the look is an absence of sleeve striping on the jersey, instead being replaced with a skull & crossbones logo that incorporates a Nebraska helmet. 

It's not the first time that Nebraska has worn black alternates (they last did so in 2015), but this might be the best version yet. It's not yet known what game (or games) the Cornhuskers will wear the black alternates for, but they may want to keep these in the regular rotation going forward.

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