Maryland LB suspended after trying to take out Penn State's big kicker Joey Julius

Maryland linebacker Isaiah Davis was ejected during the Terapins' 38-14 loss to Penn State in Week 6 for a late hit on Nittany Lions kicker Joey Julius. That won't be the end of Davis' punishment, however.

According to Maryland coach DJ Durkin, Davis has been suspended one game for hitting Julius on a kickoff that went out of bounds. Here was the hit for which Davis was ejected.

Julius made headlines right away this year for lighting up multiple players on kick returns, but in recent weeks, opposing players have begun returning the favor against the Penn State kicker. In addition to Davis, Minnesota linebacker Jaylen Waters was ejected after targeting Julius on multiple plays earlier this month.

Julius has definitely laid the wood a couple of times this year, but his hits have been legal. Coming at him late was uncalled for. Clearly, Durkin is sending a message.

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