Much of August here at CBS Sports is spent with us taking firm stances in regards to our beliefs and expectations for the upcoming season. We spend more than a week rolling out expert picks on a conference-by-conference basis, revealing our predictions for the order of finish for every Power Five league. 

Now that we are about one quarter of the way through the regular season with actual game evidence to prove or disprove our expectations, we'd like another crack at those predictions for the order of finish. 

Barton Simmons and I kicked off Week 4 on the Cover 3 Podcast with that reshuffling mindset, going through each Power Five conference and comparing our updated predictions. There was some agreement, like Clemson's status atop an ACC that has been struggling to meet expectations so far in 2019. There was also some lively debate around topics like whether LSU has a chance to finish as the best team in the SEC West and if Michigan and Michigan State are closer to Maryland than Ohio State and Penn State when ordering the Big Ten East.

Check out the latest episode of the Cover 3 Podcast below (subscribe and look for more episodes here), which concludes with a long look at arguably the best conference in college football this year: the Big 12. Oklahoma definitively sits at the top, but beyond Texas at No. 2 is a lot of uncertainty. That's actually a strength in this conference and could prove dangerous for contenders hoping to earn a bid into the College Football Playoff. Oklahoma State, TCU, Iowa State, Baylor and even Kansas State present difficult challenges for the Sooners and the Longhorns, as there's no where to hide with the round-robin nine-game conference schedule in the Big 12.