Central Michigan's incredible Hail Mary lateral touchdown play to beat Oklahoma State on the road counts in the books and won't be changed, even though the untimed down should have never taken place.

The game officials and MAC league office admitted that the intentional grounding penalty on Mason Rudolph on fourth down should have ended the game instead of awarding Central Michigan an untimed down. In that scenario, Oklahoma State is a 27-24 winner, 2-0 and still nationally ranked.

That could have been the reality had the Big 12 video replay center hit the buzzer in time.

The league office released a statement apologizing for not doing so in time.

"NCAA Rules permit instant replay to correct egregious errors, including those involving the game clock (FR 12.3.7). Walt Anderson, Coordinator of Football Officials, acknowledges that the Big 12 replay crew missed an opportunity to stop the game to inform the MAC officiating crew of the misapplication of the intentional grounding penalty as time expired that resulted in the untimed down leading to Central Michigan's game-winning touchdown in its 30-27 win over Oklahoma State. Also by Rule 1.1.3.b the result of the game is final and cannot be overturned."

So if the Big 12 replay crew had hit the buzzer in time, the league still has an undefeated conference title contender. Central Michigan, currently celebrating one of the biggest and least-likely road wins in school history, isn't complaining.

The same cannot be said for Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder: "We contacted everyone that could help us understand the situation and do something to change the outcome. We were told there was nothing that could be done about the officials error at the end of the game and the result is final. In my mind, it is incomprehensible that a mistake made after time had expired cannot be corrected. The final score shows that Oklahoma State lost the game but that doesn't mean that I have to agree with it."