Video gamer wants North Dakota job, promises to 'Chuck the Pigskin'

Look out, Nick Saban. (Screenshot from PowerPoint)

Don’t let anyone ever tell you video games can’t take you far in life. 

Christopher McComas, a system integration specialist at Marshall University, is an avid college football gamer. He has “dominated” Madden on Sega Genesis and “dominated the recruiting scene” on NCAA Football for Playstation, via

Based off of those incomparable credentials, McComas decided to apply for the head coaching position at University of North Dakota under the “chuck-the-pigskin” philosophy.

Despite no affiliation with UND, McComas, in a letter to the athletic director, explained why he deserves the position.

“Mr. [Brian] Faison,

I would like to express to you my interest in your now open position for head coach of football at the University of North Dakota. 

Currently, I work in IT at a college in West Virginia, but I have many years of experience with football, starting with attending my first Marshall University football game when I was three years old. In the past 30 years, I’ve only missed a handful of Marshall’s home games, attended many road games, and all of their bowl games. 

All the while I played various football games including Madden on Sega Genesis where I completely dominated with the Bills and Thurman Thomas. Seriously, was he a beast on the game, or was he a beast because I was a football genius controlling him? I then moved on to a Playstation gaming system and purchased NCAA Football every year and put together several programs that completely dominated the recruiting scene and college football, winning several national titles with Marshall University. I took them from a decent Mid-American Conference school on the game to a perennial national power that makes Nick Saban look like a chump. One year, my third-string quarterback left school early to enter the NFL draft. He was a first round pick. Boom. 

My football philosophy is basically an attacking one. We’re going to give AIR RAID a whole new definition. Theoretically, how many times do you think a team can pass in a game? Challenge accepted. We’re going five wide, chucking the pigskin all over the place. Never punt. Onside every time. Chip Kelly will be calling me to learn my offense. We will put on an exciting brand of football, we will pack them into the Alerus Center night in and night out, go ahead and blow the roof off that place, and add about 35,000 seats to that place. 

I would love to speak with you further regarding this opening, and what I can bring to UND, putting UND back on the national map and making NDSU our (b****). 


Christopher McComas 

PS – I prefer Coke to Pepsi, so go ahead and fill the fridge up in the head coach’s office with Coke. 

Just in case the AD was having any lingering doubts about who should become UND’s next coach, McComas added a nine-slide PowerPoint to supplement his impressive resume. 

McComas's brilliant idea opens up so many possibilities. Even if he doesn't get it, and let's be honest, he's basically a shoo-in, why not have an NCAA Football 2013 tournament between the top candidates for a given position? Who wouldn't watch Nick Saban button-mash-it-out with Mark Dantonio for the Texas job? James Franklin vs. Gus Malzahn? Come on, that's made for TV gaming. 

(H/T Big Lead for spotting this gem)

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