Creative plays and tricky offensive formations dominate college football these days. One of the more popular wrinkles is when a coach puts an offensive lineman as the slot wide receiver and has the quarterback fake a bubble screen. Ohio offensive lineman Hagen Meservy took it to another level during Tuesday night's game vs. Western Michigan

In the third quarter of a tight game vs. MAC foe Western Michigan, the 6-foot-3, 300-pound Meservy not only faked the bubble screen but threw in the perfect cartwheel and stuck the landing.

Check out the video below.

What's even better is that the play worked. Quarterback Nathan Rourke hit Adam Luehrman over the middle for 25 yards for a first drive. They Bobcats cashed in on the very next play when De'Montre Tuttle rushed it in from 10 yards out to give them a 14-10 lead over the Broncos. 

Meservy had his moment and made it count. Who doesn't love a big man showing off the skills in front of a national television audience. After all, isn't that what makes #MACtion great? Live your best life, Hagen. Do it for all of us who tune in to watch Group of Five football on chilly weeknights in November.