It’s the offseason, which means it’s slow. You will receive no argument here that #content is hard to come by. But quantity does not equal quality, and my goodness it appears we have an early leader for video of the year in college football. 

It’s strange, too, because the video is only tangentially related to college football by way of Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy; without him, it’s just another promo for the university’s wrestling team -- which is quite good and the home of current UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and former middleweight champ Johny Hendricks.

However, there are many, many incredible things happening in Gundy’s 40-second video hyping the Cowboys’ wrestling match against Penn State. See for yourself below... 

Some things of note...

  1. The deadpan “Oh, I didn’t know you were there” was a perfect opening line. Is Gundy rehearsing to host Masterpiece Theatre, or was he self-aware at how flat he was? A near-perfect lead-in. 
  2. The slow panning out to reveal Gundy in a wrestling singlet in all its glory. 
  3. THAT MUG.
  4. The combination of the mullet and singlet is extremely Oklahoma. 
  5. Why was this promo shot like it belongs in the “Blair Witch” remake? And does Gundy work in a utility closet? Not knocking, but it was one Guy Fawkes mask away from achieving its full viral effect. 
  6. As CBS Sports’ own Kyle Porter observed, you can see the precise moment Gundy becomes Michael Scott. 

Gundy actually recorded two videos, the first of which you can see here. The one above is clearly better.