The experience of a Clemson football game in Clemson, South Carolina, is special before you even arrive to the stadium. The drive in is a cinematic scene filled with trees and mountains that seem perfectly placed to open up to the exceptional campus. 

Rolling in, you see the classic brick buildings and can feel the buzz of excitement surrounding game day. The southern hospitality people talk so much about is a real thing during the tailgates, and fans are offering others their food, drink and friendship while rooting for the Tigers. Even people without a ticket are welcome and able to join in on the tailgate. The barbecue is top notch and the school spirit is too. 

The crowd is decked out in the unmistakable color combination of purple and orange and the crowd proudly chants the "Tiger Rag" fight song. The fans head into the stadium early to catch all the pregame action. 

Players run down "The Hill", a steep incline that leads to the field, as a tradition making their grand entrance into the stadium. Before they head in, they touch "Howard's Rock" for good luck. The rock is named after former Clemson coach Frank Howard and players and coaches touching the rock became a tradition to bring success to the team. 

Their mascot "The Tiger" is a staple to game days and runs around the stadium hyping up the crowd. He often drops into the stadium in a parachute, and while the school does not have a live mascot like some others, the faux furry one does the job just fine and is one of the most recognizable in college football

Clemson's home field, Memorial Stadium, is nicknamed Death Valley and holds an impressive 81,500 (screaming) fans. The stadium opened in September 19, 1942 and has a rich history of success and history. Tiger fans make Death Valley one of the loudest stadiums in the nation.

Outside of the stadium walls, the area surrounding the team has a lot to offer as well. They have iconic spots to catch the game and a meal and fans going to the game get a well-rounded experience when they hit up the local restaurants and bars.