Professional Bull Riders (PBR) is about to embark on a rather herculean task on Saturday, answering the question of how a major professional sport can create a compelling event without the expected 12,000 screaming fans in attendance? The setting of this attempt will be the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, Georgia, and it will be one of just a handful of sporting events not canceled or postponed but the growing threat of coronavirus (COVID-19)

How to watch PBR at Duluth

Where: Duluth, Georgia
When: 7:00 pm ET
Channel/Stream: CBS Sports Network

The sport will still be out in full effect, with the athletes and bull stock contractors working in an environment that includes arena PA announcers, and a full music package. With this combination, the cowboys will be provided with a good amount of the elements that make up the high-energy atmosphere they're used to. In other words, the only difference between this event and all other bull riding events PBR puts together is that it will be held in an empty house

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Of course, PBR is still taking full precautions with preventing the spread of coronavirus in mind. For example, there will be health screenings in line with CDC guidelines required for anyone to get in the building, separation barriers to keep judges, production, riders, and the TV team from being too close to one another, and rider participation is entirely voluntary -- six different locker rooms will be used to keep them separated from one another. This event will also be  produced with a skeleton crew and all nonessential employees will not be coming, nor will they be allowed in the building.