Lawrence Tynes seeks compensatory damages for lost salary and suffering. (USATSI)

Former Buccaneers and Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes is suing the Bucs for $20 million in Broward County Court in Florida claiming MRSA ended his NFL career.

The lawsuit, which essentially claims Tynes lost piles and piles of cash as a result of the Buccaneers lack of sanitary working conditions, is a "negligence and premises liability lawsuit" and was filed by the Podhurst Orseck and The Brad Sohn Law Firm in Broward County Circuit Court, the firm said in a release, via the Tampa Tribune

Tynes "seeks compensatory damages for [Tynes'] lost salary and substantial pain and suffering."

The MRSA outbreak occurred in August of 2013 and affected three players: Tynes, guard Carl Hicks and (then-rookie) cornerback Johnthan Banks. 

Tynes and the NFLPA filed a grievance against the Bucs in October of 2013, alleging they mishandled his medical situation.

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Nicks' MRSA infection reappeared in October of 2013, at which time Banks was diagnosed as well. An Eagles-Bucs game scheduled was ultimately not postponed though that step was considered (just to give you an idea of how serious this was at the time). 

The lawsuit claims the Bucs "actively concealed, ongoing incidents of infection among other individuals that had used and visited the team’s facilities."

Additionally Tynes attorneys claim Tampa Bay "failed to employ necessary sterile techniques and routinely left therapy devices, equipment and surfaces unclean."

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Per the Tribune the Bucs had no comment on Tynes suit.